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Mina Binebine, A Moroccan Designer at the New York Fashion Week


Moroccan designer Mina BineBine delighted the Big Apple on Sunday, February 13, 2022 at New York Fashion Week where she showcased a colorful collection that reflects the beauty of Moroccan ancestral know-how..

Qui est Mina Binebine, la styliste marocaine qui a envouté Marrakech?


Mina BineBine a envouté Marrakech jeudi soir au Es Saadi Marrakech Resort où elle a présenté une collection colorée qui puise dans la beauté de l’ancestrale marocain. Coulisses..



Mina Binebine, Multinational Fashion Designer Honoring Moroccan Roots


Morocco’s contemporary daughter of design, Mina Binebine, is a celebration of the rich aesthetics the country has developed through centuries of artists’ efforts...




Marrakech: Mina Binebine nous reçoit au Palais Es-Saadi


Mina est une artiste aux multiples talents qui apporte aujourd’hui sa touche à la création et à l’élégance marocaine. Elle propose une nouvelle marque aux inspirations multiples qui transforme l’habit traditionnel marocain en tableau artistique.
À 26 ans, cette passionnée apprend sans relâche, réussissant au fil de ses expériences...




Design Grad Creates Fashion Inspired By Morocco

From Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising Blog

We recently chatted with FIDM Design Graduate and L.A.-based designer Mina Binebine, who creates Moroccan-inspired fashion.

Where were you born and raised? I was born in New York, but we didn’t stay there very long. At the time, my father’s job made it so that we had to move quite often. When I turned five, we left for Paris…




La Première Edition de Mina Binebine Aux Couleurs de Marrakech

From La Tribune de Marrakech

Mina Binebine has just launched her Première Edition in Los Angeles where she has been living for five years. 

A collection of clothes, inspired by Moroccan culture….


Interview with Mina Binebine


Our interview with Mina Binebine who is a Moroccan-French designer living in Los Angeles. She was born in New York but raised in North Africa in the beautiful city of Marrakech, Morocco – the city of colors, and warmth, music, and art.

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