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A genderless brand taking its strengh from Moroccan roots, expressing a multicultural background through handcrafted designs.

Upcycling rugs and house furniture fabrics is our signature. We aim to fully carry the concept of multi-identities and as a way of incorporating our diversity and inclusion values.

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ECLOSION collection

ECLOSION collection

Timeless collection born from a car drive and woman with a bucket... 

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The Designer

"Fashion caught my attention at a young age. Since 5 years old it’s all I talked about, it’s all I ever wanted to do. Leading up to prom night, I designed and created my very own custom dress. Nothing could compare to the feeling I obtained when people complimented what I created by hand, heart and mind. It confirmed what I already knew : I realized that fashion was going to be more than just a job or a career for me."

Mina Binebine.