Latest press coverage of Mina Binebine’s
journey written by international publications.


Jeune Afrique - April 23

“Mina Binebine is a designer in full rise. In 2022, she was one of the young African fashion talents selected at Africa Fashion Up: “I was among the five winners of a selection of 200 stylists. I have benefited from three days of immersion in the world of fashion in Paris, a mentoring with the Balenciaga house,...”

Famille Actuelle - March 23

"Mina Binebine designer and artist with multiple talents"

Femmes du Maroc - January 22

“At the top of his 27 years Mina has nothing to envy the great couturiers. The young designer made the bold choice of an inclusive, unisex and original brand...”

Glam Blog - October 22

“Discover the inspiring journey of the talented fashion designer Mina BINEBINE...”

Medi1 Podcast - October 22

"Mina Binebine grew up with this dream of creating her own clothes Little, she was already enjoying cutting her mom's dresses To be the designer And the universe does things well, since a few years later this childhood dream turns into reality And in her field, Mina excel In this episode of Job Story,.."

La Relève Maroc - October 22

“Mina Binebine, a designer for Moroccan heritage to the end...”

Fashion Feed - October 22

“Mina Binebine Fall/Winter 2022/23 NYFW - Art Hearts Fashion...”

Medi1 TV - March 22

Interview Patchwork I Med1Tv Oussama Benjelloun I Mina Binebine I 2022 I Arabic

Morocco World News - March 22

“Morocco’s contemporary daughter of design, Mina Binebine, is a celebration of the rich aesthetics the country has developed through centuries of artists’ efforts...”

Kech Qui Se Passe - December 21

“Fashion show PATCHWORK by designer Mina Binebine, held on 14 October 2021 at Palace Es Saadi...”

Grazia Mag - October 21

"Mina is an artist with multiple talents who today brings her touch to Moroccan creativity and elegance. A new brand with multiple inspirations, which transforms traditional Moroccan clothing into..."

Les Éco Maroc - October 21

“To honor this new collection, the creator, the worthy heir of Binebine’s creativity, has bet on breaking the codes...”

Telquel - October 21

“The young designer really wanted to organize an event in the Ocher City - where she studied at the French high school Victor Hugo - and "set the bar high" to show the skills of which her country wants to be capable...”